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Please leave meaasage let us know that you want to get it with screw for wood or wall.

There are climbing rock sell as different set or single selling(with screw or without screw), click the link for more details.


Product introduction

Material : High quality PC

Color : Multicolor

Size : As below pictures

OUTDOOR FUN: What child doesn't like to climb? With these climbing rocks turn any jungle gym into a climbers dream. Includes 16 to 32 rocks in different colors/designs.

DURABLE DESIGN: Rock climbing holds for kids are made with durable plastic construction. Each hold has 1 or 2 holes for the metal mounting screws (included) for a strong hold to the rock climbing wall.

INTENDED USE: This product was designed for residential use only and should not be used in a commercial environment. Climbing Holds are designed for the sole purpose of children's playsets and should not be used for rock climbing walls or any environment over 6 feet tall.

HARDWARE INCLUDED: 1-1/4″ Allen Head Bolt (2 per hold), flat washer (1 per bolt), weld nuts (1 per bolt) for installation on a 1″ thick board. For installation on structures up to 2″ thick additional hardware may need to be purchased.

Outdoor Rock Climbing Wall

The rock holds can be used for building your very own rock climbing wall in your backyard. Squirrel Product rock holds were designed to withstand the elements, with a solid plastic design and zinc plated hardware.

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Though the rock holds are designed to withstand the elements they also work marvelously in an indoor climbing environment. Whether your building a small climbing structure or a wall, these holds will do the trick for any new climber or child gaining confidence in their abilities.

Have fun and get creative with the placement of your rock climbing holds. The sky's the limit!
Get kids moving!

These rock climbing holds will inspire and motivate kids to get up and get moving! They can set out on an adventure in the comfort of their own backyard.

Learn and Develop

Rock Climbing is a great activity for any age, but especially for kids and teens. It gets them active and helps to build:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Confidence

Really Product Show

Additional information

Brand Name




Plastic Type





Climbing stone





Age Range

> 3 years old


Grasping/Movement Ability Developing


Climbing stone


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