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Outdoor Indoor Children Swing 60cm Saucer Rotate Tree Nest Swing Flying Rope Round Swing Kids Hanging Seat Toys


1. This sturdy swing is made of a sturdy galvanized iron and PE rope fabric, which allows your child to play for hours in a row and enjoy playing time with friends and family. This swing is a perfect gift for children, grandchildren, playmates, birthday in Christmas, outdoor picnic, barbecue, party.
2. The maximum load is 100kg. It can only be used by one person at a time. It is recommended for children over 3 years old.
3. Fix the swing seats on the two trunks of the tree or other solid suspension points. The distance between the two points is 550mm.
4. The swing has a strong and durable round base with a steel ring on the top of the rope, which is easy to install and can be hung in a few minutes.
5. Provide a fun meeting place for the children; ride on the new bird’s nest swing to rotate or swing safely, and enjoy the fun of the swing.

Name: Round Swing
Material: galvanized iron + PE rope
Dimensions: 60cm/23.62inch in diameter, 150cm/59.06inch in height
Load-bearing capacity: 100 kg
Weight: about 2800g

Swing seat instruction manual:
60cm in diameter, 150cm in height, maximum load 100kg
Purpose: Fix the swing seat at the suspension point
Only one person can use it at a time.

1. Remove the swing seat from the packing box and check whether the material is intact.
2. Fix the swing seat on the two trunks of the tree or other solid suspension points. The distance between two points is 550mm
3. Before using the swing seat, please take off your shoes. Hold the swing seat firmly and slowly sit on the swing seat.
4. Description of the ground conditions: Please use the swing seat on a soft ground (such as a green ground). If it is on a hard floor, use a cushion under the swing seat to avoid injury.
5. The swing is suspended, so it is free within the minimum radius. 2.0m, please make sure that it will not hang near bushes, branches, fences, walls, etc. to avoid bumps when swinging in use.
6. Keep these instructions for further reference.

Safety instructions:
1. Before using the swing seat, please read the operating instructions.
2. Before using the swing seat, make sure that the rope is firmly fixed to prevent the rope from loosening or slipping. When using, do not twist the rope.
3. The height of the swing seat suspension point should be selected in a comfortable way to sit down. The appropriate height is 40 cm above the ground, and the height should be avoided.
4. Before using the swing seat, please make sure that the rope is firmly fixed to the lifting point and objects so that it has the required load capacity of 150 kg and is old enough. Do not place anything under the swing seat.
5. Do not stand and jump on or on the swing seat.
6. Swing seats can only be fixed by adults, and children can only be used under adult supervision. Children under the age of 3 should not use the swing, because it is impossible for children to attach themselves.
7. For safety reasons, when the ground is hard, lay a soft padding under the swing seat.
8. Before each use, please carefully check the swing seat, the fixing rope and the suspension point for a damaged seat.

Keep the swing seat: The swing seat can be rolled up and packed in plastic bags or other bags after use. However, if the swing seat is wet, please wait for it to dry out.

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1* Round Swing

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