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children's sand art cards

only the card without the sands

mixed designs randomly

If you want the color sands, please buy the kits at the bottom link or but the color sand bottles together.


1)It can stimulate children's imagination

2)To promote children's creativity and appreciation of colors.

3)Children's intelligence can be improved visually and spatially

4)Cultivating children's ability of interpersonal relationship, especially among a team work that whole family take part in.


1)The sand is non-toxic, but do not put in mouth.

2)Before making sand picture, be sure to reverse the crystal box that contains cardboard and sand.

3)The sand must be filled in the crystal box, do not spill or spread the sand out of box to keep a clean workplace

Deractions for use:

1)Find a solid table to work on, a special painting table will be preferable.

2)Swlect one of the cardboard, work one board at a time use toothpick to lift off the paper where you need to fill color sand.

3)Fill your favorite color sand or refer to the Color Guide(filling in order from dark to light) and shake it gently to make the sand stick tightly or onto the adhensive layer

4)Repeat the same procedures on other colors until you finish filling all of the blank areas of the inside profile.

5)After being finished the work, hang them onto a wall or place on your desk or any other suitable places.

Please be noted that our stock change frequently,not all pictures showed have stock, and there are some new pictures produced. We pack random designs mixed.

How to play:

color sand 1kg/bag for magic sand art

US$ 1.60/piece

Plastic bottles for sand art bear empty bottle 6.5cm x 11cm

US$ 25.00/lot
100 pieces / lot

Sand pens for sand art 10 colors/set creazand

US$ 3.00/lot
5 sets / lot

bottled color sand wholesales

US$ 0.32/piece

Color Sticker cards for Children's Sand art painting 20x28cm

US$ 0.08/piece

DIY Color Sand painting kits for children's toys, 20x28cm color sticker card with 10 color sands about 2g each color

US$ 0.15/piece

Sand art kit for children 20x28cm yellow sticker card with 9 bags of color sand(about 1g each color)

US$ 0.10/piece

Color Sand art kits for children toy 4pcs of 20x28cm sticker cards and 1 sets of 10 colors sand pen(15g each color)

US$ 0.92/piece

Yellw sticker cards for Color Sand art only cards Does not contain sand and bags

US$ 0.07/piece

Color Sand art kit for children 15x21cm yellow sticker card with 10 bags of color sand(about 2g each color)

US$ 0.12/piece

On sales 1100pcs/lot- sticker cards for Color Sand art_hot selling

US$ 78.00/lot
1100 pieces / lot

Free shipping 2000pcs/lot- cards for Color Sand art_15x21cm hot selling

US$ 378.00/lot
2000 pieces / lot

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Sand Painting

Age Range

> 3 years old

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Customers'design are welcomed


for sand painting




Color sand art painting


above 3 years


By sea, by air or express delivery

Place of Origin

Fujian, China (Mainland)


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