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Ferris Wheel Fingertip Gyro Metal Stainless Steel Full Hollow Design Fidget Spinner Mini EDC Adult Anti-Stress Kids Funny Toy

Quantity: 1 piece

Fingertip gyro – what is the role?
For the appearance of the fingertip gyro, it can be said that except for the players who are curious and knowledgeable about the item, almost everyone casts cold eyes and snoring on it, thinking that this is a boring, useless thing. In fact, the fingertip gyro is the same as the traditional gyro. They are not boring derivatives. The meaning of such items is not only to satisfy the curious or boring people, but to some extent they should also be defined as practical tools, according to the spirit. Scientists have investigated that gyro-rotating movements have a great effect on the attention of patients with attention deficit disorder and ADHD, as well as non-physical-dependent diseases such as relieving mental stress, certain types of hypnosis and quitting smoking and alcohol addiction. Have a certain auxiliary effect. Since the fingertip gyro needs to have a certain ornamental appearance as the electronic cigarette and the Zippo lighter, the fingertip gyro is a kind of physical plaything and can be used according to different materials, shapes and rotations. The effect is to satisfy the small artifact of its own positioning.

Product parameters
  • Name: Ferris wheel fingertip gyro
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 60*7mm
  • Weight: 62 grams
  • Color: silver
  • Bearing: R188
  • Process: sandblasting
  • Role: decompression, smoking cessation, alleviation of ADHD, play with tips, hobby collection
  • Rotation time: the start-up time is 2 minutes and a half, and the back-run period is more than 3 minutes.
Product Features
  • The hollow body and the stainless steel CNC integrated precision forming and high-precision milling machine ensure the beautiful appearance and high quality of the product;
  • Replaceable bearing, open bearing design, easy to replace;
  • Sandblasting process, anti-dirty, anti-wear, anti-slip, surface sandblasting, fit fingers and anti-slip, easy maintenance in the later stage;
  • High centrifugal design, 60mm outer diameter, large centrifugal force, product design fully considers the physical principle of hand and rotation, the middle is light, the outer ring is heavy, and the rotation time is long enough;
  • Portable to lock, the product is 8mm inside the lock, suitable for all fingertip gyros of R188 style with a thickness of 7mm;
  • For the inner design of the lock, a fluorescent ring can be installed, and a fluorescent ring with an outer diameter of 17 mm, an inner diameter of 8 mm and a thickness of 1 mm can be installed (purchased by the user)

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Additional information

Brand Name


Age Range

> 8 years old

Item type

Hand Spinner




Stainless steel


Do not eat




Relieve Stress relax funny toy


Mutifunctional toys /Interactive toys



Feature 1


Feature 2


Rotation time

2–3 minutes


60*7 mm


62 g




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