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Capacity: water consumption 4.5KG
Material: ABS + high temperature motor
Product size: 33*33*47cm
Packing size: 34*34*49; weight: 4.5KG
Product accessories: inlet pipe, ironing board, dehydration basket, manual warranty card, certificate product
Performance description:
Turn the knob clockwise, 0-3 minutes for dehydration time and 0-10 minutes for washing time.
The washing capacity is 4.5 kg, suitable for washing spring, autumn and summer clothes. It can wash 4-5pcs adult shirts, 5-6pcs baby clothes and 7-8psc summer short-sleeved T-shirts.
The dewatering basket is suitable for dewatering 2-3pcs shirts or short sleeves at a time.

Note: 1. When washing, you need to hang up the drain pipe and take out the dewatering basket. 2. When draining, put down the drain pipe, put it into the dewatering basket and buckle at the bottom of the washing machine, and adjust the dehydration time between 0-3 minutes.

[Tips] Dear, all semi-automatic single-tub washing machines are mainly based on washing function. Dehydration is only an attached function, and the effect is not very good.

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