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25 * 15 * 10CM Micro: Bit Smart Car Kit Programming Tracing Avoidance Robot Kits for Kids Hi-tech Educational Toys

Qtruck is a micro:bit based programmable robot kit. Micro:bit is used as the core controller, which contains a wealth of sensor modules. By compatible with the LEGO hole position, you can mix and match different robot forms for micro:bit programming. In order to facilitate more users to learn and use, we have developed 40 courses for micro:bit learning, and configured corresponding learning materials for everyone to learn.

What is micro:bit?

Micro:bit is a micro-programmable computer designed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for youth programming education and developed by partners such as Microsoft, Samsung, ARM, and Lancaster University. Currently micro:bit is operated by the UK's non-profit micro:bit foundation worldwide.
Product parameters
  • Programming software: micro:bit (graphic programming / JavaScript)
  • Website: //makecode.microbit.org
  • Input: sound sensor, ultrasonic sensor, line sensor, brightness sensor, acceleration sensor, electronic compass, temperature sensor
  • Output: buzzer, RGB lantern, two motor interfaces, six servo interfaces, five X five LED dot matrix
  • Communication interface: USB, Bluetooth
  • Power: 1 section 3. 7v lithium battery
  • Product size: 250* 150*100 mm
  • Controller: micro:bit
  • Life time: about 2 hours
  • Product weight: 1000g
Product List
Robot stand kit *1 set
Rubber track *2
Micro:bit motherboard (optional) *1
Micro:bit expansion board *1
Patrol sensor *1
Ultrasonic sensor *1
4PIN sensor line *2
DC motor *2
Anti-blocking steering gear (metal shaft) *1
Anti-blocking steering gear (plastic shaft)* 2
USB cable *1
M3 wrench *1
Ultrasonic Acrylic Bracket *1
Acrylic cover *1
Screw copper column fittings *1 bag
Winding pipe *1
Product features
  • Compatible with photosensitive sensors such as photosensitive, sound, acceleration gyroscope, color, obstacle avoidance, OLED screen, infrared receiver, ultrasonic, touch, tracking, RGB lantern, temperature, knob, fan, water temperature;
  • The aluminum alloy bracket is compatible with Lego parts and is made of aluminum alloy, which can reduce the weight of the body and greatly enhance the flexibility and strength of the robot. At the same time, the bracket is equipped with multiple M4 holes, which can be compatible with Lego parts.
  • Mobile APP control, APP has two built-in control mode rocker mode and gravity mode;
  • Web graphical programming, micro:bit JavaScript Blocks Editor editor, programming environment based on WEB services, making it easier for you to program using graphical editor JavaScript. No need to download local programming tools.

Product photos

This product does not include the battery.

Additional information

Model Number

Graphic Programming DIY Creative Robot Kits

Age Range

14 Years & up

Power Source



Children under 6 should be accompanied by parents

Communication Method

USB data cable or WiFi transmission


25* 15*10 CM


Science Educational toy




Christmas/Birthday gift


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